Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ok First of all I did something bad to my blog!  I changed the way you write a post and now it's very weird and I have to upload one picture at a time... :(   Fiddlesticks.  If anyone can help me change it back that would be great since I can't find how I did it!

Anyways today is a crazy blizzard day and so we are staying home all warm and safe!  We made a few popcicle sticks crafts.  I saw Jill and Maddie do a tree like this so Becca made one too!  She was so good at it!  I traced the shape of each stick on the paper and told her to put glue on the paper and then put the right stick on it and she did!  She would look at the stick first and make sure she had the right size.  After we were done that part I let her glue a diamond on top and then we needed a trunk!  So after that she declared that it was an elephant...wrong type of trunk sweetie!

Then she made a triangle and a "W" for "wickey" its what she calls her grandma!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow day!

It snowed here yesterday so we heading out for a good romp!

Rebecca loves it so much more this year. She kept trying to build a snowman but there was only an inch on the ground so I helped and we made a mini snowman, he is pretty cute with his leaf hat! lol

She was so excited and I love the pictures I got, they capture the pure joy that a bit of white stuff can bring! She was saying "hurray snow!" it was so much fun.

We then ventured into the backyard and she went on the deck and decided to play in the sandbox! Crazy kid.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday, well sort of

I see so many other people do this so I wanted to join in! I don't have a little muffin tin, but I will get one! So here is her "tin"... A bologna and ketchup sandwich cut into Minnie mouse, cheese, ants on a log, AKA peanut butter and raisins on celery, and a few more raisins. She ate everything except the celery. I guess it was too much chewing.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Craft time

This past week Becca and I made a few crafts. First we did a crazy Styrofoam ball/googly eyed type of thing. I didn't really plan it out we just kinda did I took some Popsicle sticks and stuck the Styrofoam balls on top and glued on some googly eyes and buttons. She loves gluing stuff. The we made a Popsicle man with more googly eyes and buttons, then she decided she had enough. Here is a crazy picture of the gang!

Then I decided to try her out with beading. I didn't however, have any beads to use but I found some buttons. So I gave her some buttons and a pipe cleaner and showed her how to put a button on and she gave it a try. She absolutely loved this and worked very hard at it, I could tell because she breathes heavy when she concentrates! She put quite a few on and then decided she wanted to wear it so I tied it around her neck for her and she was so proud!

The next day we went to her Grandma's house, who pretty much has a craft store in her house, and Becca got to make a necklace and bracelet out of real beads and wire, not a pipe cleaner. To my surprise she did it quite well and didn't even get mad! She learned quickly after a few attempts to hold onto the bead while she got the wire all the way through, because unlike pipe cleaners, it will slip away.

So I am definitely getting her a bead set for Christmas. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yesterday I made meatballs for the second time because they are so yummy. I love the fact that Josh will eat them and loves them even though there are a whole can of tomatoes in the sauce...He hasn't caught on yet...Mr. I hate tomatoes.

I got the recipe here

Heading into town later to pick up stuff to make pumpkin pie's for Thanksgiving dinner on the weekend. Josh has to work on the day of the big family dinner but I will make a dinner for the 3 of us on Monday.

Rebecca loves this new book I got for her. It's for 3 and up but she is really good with it. She knows how to match all the stickers to the right spots and she can draw "lines" from one object to the other. We have gone through the book quite a few times since yesterday! She is so smart! I am so proud of her. She amazes me every day with how well she can talk and remember things. She is quite the little singer as well!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Slow cooker chicken!

I have a new interest these days along with my daughter, my business and my soon to be husband (tee hee) and it is slow cooking! I bought myself a slow cooker 2 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I have made a few dishes and plan on making many more! Here is one I want to share from A year of slow cooking, it's a great blog with a year's worth of slow cooker recipes! I made this rotisserie chicken and it was THE BEST chicken I have ever had! It was so tender and delicious! Easy to make and easy clean up. I just love it and will make it all the time. I might add a few more spices than I did last time, I didn't have everything the recipe asked for. I think it would be delicious even without the spices. Rebecca loved it too which is good because she doesn't always eat meat.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Making muffins

Today we decided to make some chocolate muffins. Rebecca loves to help me and "stir" the muffins. So we whipped up a batch. Here's a cute pic of her helping.

Also here is a pic of my big girl drinking out of a cup..she does so well! We had to delay the cup learning for a bit because of carpets and moving but we are settled and have no carpets so I don't care if she spills! She is doing so well and is so proud of herself!

On another note of being a big girl, she is showing more interest in potty so I am letting her tell me and I think it is working well. She has also learned to open doors..not a good thing. Only the bedroom doors thank goodness! She will sneak back out after I put her to bed and ask me to tuck her in again, or like last night she told me she pee'd and I had to change her diaper. I am not ready for all this growing up!